This course, designed and delivered by Archaeo Build for the Centre for Alternative Technology, is about getting comfortable building your own turf roof using widely available and affordable, low embodied energy materials.

Turf roofs on Glaumbaer historical farm in Iceland.


  • Location: Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT), Wales (UK)
  • Date: Sat 20th May 2017
  • Costs: £50
  • More info & registration: CAT website


We’ll go through the principles of what has worked well for turf roof builders in the past, drawing on inspirational examples from Scandinavia, Iceland and elsewhere in the northern hemisphere. Then it’s off to look at some experimental turf roof designs built at CAT in the week prior to the course and examine the different materials one might use to adopt the roof design to your own preferences, access to building materials and physical or technical capabilities.

The main part of the course though will be practical work building an all-natural turf roof. Building up layer after layer of breathable substratum, watertight sealing layer and a protective outer skin, you’ll have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with key materials, tools and techniques and bombard the course instructor with any questions that arise in the process!


Workshop: Turf and Dung Green Roofs (Wales, UK)
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